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Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is used for storing clothes and other personal items. It is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used anywhere in the house - from the bedroom, to the kitchen, and even in the living room. When buying a chest of drawers, the most basic consideration is the use. The design as well as the sizes and numbers of drawers in a chest depend largely on how and where it will be used. Chest of drawers that are designed for use in the kitchen have more drawers and compartments with varying sizes. Chests usually have storage for cutlery sets, flatware and dinner sets as well as spices and condiments. Some can even be customized to hold small kitchen appliances and gadgets. A chest of drawers that is designed for use in the living room or bedroom often has deep drawers for storing bulky items. An apothecary chest, a type of chest of drawers with many small, narrow drawers, is often found in home offices, libraries or living rooms. This type of chest of drawers is used for storing small items from accessories to keys. People who are looking for classical pieces with intricate designs and shape can opt for the bombe chest of drawers.

Wood is a popular material of choice for indoor furniture as it is natural, sturdy and hardwearing. Since chests made of hardwood are expensive, people looking for a cheaper alternative can go for models that are made with a less expensive type of wood such as pine. While a chest made with pine is not as elegant and durable as one made of cherry, it can last a good number of years with proper care.

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